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Welcome to the Campolongo Cross-Country Skiing Centre

A wellness ski resort high in the mountains in the highland of Asiago

Good mountain cuisine, rooms that smell of wood,
wellness centre and a small SPA


Chiusi per ferie


Il Rifugio Campolongo

Il calore e la magia di un'antica casera d'alpeggio
Una caffetteria per il ristoro, un caldo e accogliente ristorante.

Un caldo piumone e il profumo di legno delle camere del rifugio Campolongo.

Il Rifugio wellness d'alta quota

Il centro benessere e la casetta della SPA
I Bagni di Fieno.
Il Trattamento con le Spazzole.
Il "Fagotto dei Semplici".

Il Bagno Turco, la Sauna, la Vasca Idromassaggio e il percorso Kneipp.

Esperienze in alta montagna

Mountain Bike, Trekking, Equitazione: 100 km di piste lungo i sentieri delle malghe e della Grande Guerra
Il Forte Campolongo e l'Ecomuseo della Grande Guerra.
Lo spettacolo della Voragine dello Sciason

Campolongo Cross-Country Skiing Resort

Asiago Highland is certainly the kingdom of trekking, mountain biking,
horse riding and the Campolongo Ski Resort represents one of the most fascinating areas of Veneto mountains.

The Campolongo Ski Resort is situated in the northern part of the Highland, the one that Mario Rigoni Stern called the “high mountain” area.

Here, at an average altitude of 1.500 metres, it snows abundantly every winter and during long summer days you can enjoy the fresh and intense green of the woods.

kilometers of ski trail

courses in the menu

rooms that smell of wood

family-run business

“Snow will fall, light as small duck feathers, lingering first on the trees, then it will filter through the branches and will come finally down on the frozen cortinaria, on the blueberry bushes, on the moss like a veil of sugar on a cake. Hares, roe deers, deers will stay still, watching the new landscape. Foxes inside their den will push their noses outside to sniff the new and ancient smell that returns.

Mario Rigoni Stern

from: “Far Away Winters” (“Inverni Lontani”)

“In the Highland the Alpine dairy huts represent an element of relevant value for various reasons, they constitute the economic, historic, environmental, architectonic heritage, and that of memory too, and for some years, a touristic heritage as well. Economic because the Alpine dairy hut, apart from being a building, where milk and cheese are produced, inculdes also a pasture-land, the structures and the infrastructures where the high mountain pasture takes place.”

The Mountain Union of the Honourable Regency of Seven Municipalities

From the website www.reggenza.com

“The language called Cimbrian is a German language spoken still nowadays in the Highland of Seven Municipalities (Vi), in Giazza, in Lessinia (near Verona) and in Luserna, in the province of Trento. In the past centuries this German language was spoken in the whole mountain area including the area between the rivers Adige and Brenta, as it was confirmed by many documents and as it is indicated nowadays by many names of the places (pace, tale, laita, perch, spitz, ekkar, bisa, beghele …) still in use, not keeping their original meaning though.”

Hoga Zait “Cimbrian Festival” that takes place in Roana

From the website www.hogazait.it

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The Mosele Family of the Campolongo Resort dedicates itself to your well-being.
Come to visit us, relax and enjoy your holiday together with us.


0424 66487


340 0897822
347 2515930 – Campolongo Ski School


Località Campolongo mt. 1551
36010 ROTZO – RÖTZ


Campolongo S.n.c. Di Mosele Ivano Stefani Riccardo & C.
Partita IVA 04111890242 – R.E.A. VI-379913